A good quality credit control function is vital for all organisations offering trade credit but each companies needs vary that’s why at HCS we look at your organisation as an individual and tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We appreciate the importance of diplomacy and always act in your best interest expediting payment without causing confrontation or embarrassment and always recognising the importance of your brand and reputation.

Our Credit Control solutions can be offered as either an extension to your existing Credit Control function where we take a portion of the ledger at a certain point – E.G. 90 days+, as a project whereby you needs us as a one off due to an unexpectedly high level of outstanding customer accounts or as a complete function where we handle the entire collections process from pre-due to pre-legal if and where necessary.

Contact with your customers in these circumstances tend to be first party I.E in your companies name so your customers have no reason to assert that you have placed their account with a third party agency.  Reporting is dictated by you and records of all our communications are transparent and available to you at all times.

Consultation and advice on Credit Control procedures Including the drafting of Credit Policies
Consultation on Risk Management particularly in conjunction with new prospective clients
Staff Training – collection techniques and basic procedures
Query Management – including ‘Hands On’ resolution and negotiating settlement of difficult debts
Preparation of potential bad debts for litigation and wherever possible, Mediation

Tracing Absconded debtors

Financial Investigations

Site visits for address verification and fact finding purposes

Despite ones best efforts there are always going to be those debtors that for a multitude of reasons, won’t release payment and the assistance of a third party is required.  Using various techniques and our excellent training we get to the heart of the issue quickly and decide on the best and most effective method and procedures for bringing the matter to a conclusion, where possible without recourse to litigation.  Where a debt is disputed, we will aim to negotiate settlement – as directed by you.  Where a resolution can’t be sought organically and litigation is required, we have excellent facilities to ensure the matter is dealt with as inexpensively and quickly as possible.  No Action is ever taken without your prior agreement on both cost and strategy.

Auxiliary Services include:

Bulk Collection Letters for large ledgers where a single one-off communication is the chosed strategy
The Issue of Statutory Demands and service thereof
Process Serving – anywhere in the UK
Worldwide collections through our network of trusted and vetted agencies
Pre-Legal Preparation

We prefer to operate on a ‘No Collect, No Fee’ basis. Commissions vary depended on size of ledger, average age of debts, location of debtors (I.E. UK, Europe, Worldwide (English Speaking) and the remainder of the World) and overall quality of the ledger.  Certain services are available on a fee basis but no fees are ever incurred without your prior approval.

This range of services is dedicated to those sales ledgers that have a number of outstanding accounts but will receive no further billing.  Due to the one off nature of these ledgers we design a strategy to clear the remaining accounts in their entirety. Although a client relationship with the debtors isn’t usually required to be maintained we still act with complete professionalism with the focus being on maintaining your reputation.  Often, particularly in the case of Insolvency, the original directors may well want to maintain or rebuild a relationship with those clients and wee are always mindful of this issue.

There are a number of reasons why a company may cease activity and billing; the most obvious being:

Company has become insolvent
Parent Company has changed direction and decided not to continue with a certain product or service
Company has been sold net of previous sales debts


We can offer a full range of collection services to cater for all these scenarios, and similar cases not mentioned here, as always on a ‘No Collect, No Fee’ basis. Commissions vary depended on size of ledger, average age of debts, location of debtors (I.E. UK, Europe, Worldwide (English Speaking) and the remainder of the World and overall quality of the ledger.

If you are opening a new client account, there are a number of risk factors to be considered. We are happy to go through these and offer advice/consultation as appropriate. We obtain detailed credit reports that not just provide details of passed accounts but also payment trends and all company officer details. We are able to evaluate a companies strengths and weaknesses through our many years of experience and data obtained from various sources.